Freshness galore through fruit juices extracted from hand picked fruits, organically grown in our own farms.


Richness of fiber, goodness of proteins and freshness of real fruit - our range of smoothies redefine temptations.

shakes and lots more

The classic vanilla or the dizzy chocolate, juicy mango or toblerone shake, Gralphy thick shakes are your ideal go to solution when all you can think is shakes!

Think juicy? Think Gralphe Juice…

Bringing to you a promise of freshness and high-quality blends in the form of fresh fruit juices thick shakes and smoothies, Gralphe Juice is here to redefine drinks, period! We are here with over 50 variants of fresh fruit blended smoothies, thick shakes and juices that carry the richness of fiber and goodness of nature. Sourcing organically grown fruits, cultivated right at our own farms, we are here to take fruit indulgence to a whole new level.

Our drinks and shakes are made entirely from fresh products, ensuring no added preservatives, concentrates, sugar or any other form of artificial coloring and sweeteners. Try us once, and once is all it will take to make it forever!

Go Ahead - It’s time for a health shot.

Craving for something juicy or something chilled and chocolaty? Browse through our temptations gallery and try to choose one from many 🙂