Our farm

Outsourced from Nature!

Our fruits are hand cultivated at the our farms. The backbone of our vision behind Gralphe juices, our farms, is our pride. We organically grow variants of fruits, using high quality agriculture parameters. All the fruit ingredients in our juices are sourced from our own farms. Hand picking the best of the best, our end products such as juices, smoothies and thick shakes, literally burst with freshness that you’ll never be able to resist.

Our Story

Gralphe juices is the vision that was inculcated looking at the quality produces of our farms. Our fruits speak for themselves when it comes to superior quality and freshness. Ensuring the adaptation of high quality agricultural methods in fruit cultivation, we use no added preservatives or harmful pesticides, growing our produces in a complete organic environment. At Gralphe juice, we wish to change the way people think juices, motivating them to adapt healthy drinking options as against harmful, fizz based products and artificial sweet enhanced chemical waters.

Change begins at home and thus we at Gralphe juice introduce superior quality juices, smoothies and shakes that will not only tickle your tastebuds but also give you a burst of good health and freshness that will prolong all day long.

If you can’t reach us, we will reach out to you with our take aways and home deliveries, making sure, when you want Gralphe juice, we are omnipresent like none other.

Redefining freshness in drinks like never before

A host of FRESH juices, smoothies and thick shake combinations!

Making your health, our priority!

Craving for some freshness down your throat?

Gralphe juice is all about good, rich and taste, when it’s about fruits. Wanna a taste of good health?